We Marauders

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If you don’t see any of your questions here, shoot us a question on our contact page and we can always add it here. 

How often are prompts posted? 

Ideally prompts are posted once every two weeks and we try to respond to them ourselves within those two weeks. That doesn’t always happen.

How often do craft posts happen? 

This also ideally happen every two weeks, though that’s not always true for us, but if you send us a craft post, we’ll post it as soon as we get it!

What kind of prompt idea/craft posts are you looking for? 

Literally anything. If it’s something we’re uncomfortable with we might not post it, but we’ll discuss it first.

How do I submit a prompt/post idea? 

Check out our contact page and put the prompt/post idea in the comment box and send it to us.

How do I submit a prompt response? 

Go to the contact page, in the comment box write what prompt you’re responding to, how you’d like your name to appear, any social media handles you want us to add, and a small bio. Then in the prompt response box, copy and past your writing as you’d like it to appear on the blog. If you’d like an image add a link to the image you’d like us to use.

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