We Marauders

do solemnly swear that we're up to no good.


These here marauders are soon-to-be-published authors* and friends choosing to  stretch their writing muscles for purposes both light and nefarious.

They aim to explore the grounds of craft, comb the castle for shortcuts and secret passageways (extra points if they lead to the basement of candy stores), and hack at the edges of the Forbidden Forest (probably for paper). Through their nighttime prowlings, they hope to map out this curious thing called story–both for themselves and future troublemakers alike, because, above all:

They do solemnly swear that they’re up to no good.


ALEX KORB is a writer and recent graduate from the Vermont College of Fine Arts, now the happy Master of Fine Arts in Writing for Children & Young Adults. She’ll read anything by Neil Gaiman, Maggie Stiefvater, Patrick Ness, and Kelly Link–to name very, very few. (In the last two years she’s had to read about 240 novels, give or take, and loved most of them. Ask for recommendations!)

When she’s fighting dementors, like, every other weekend, her patronus takes the shape of Chandler Bing.


484214_10151162656288483_1551403610_nSARA INGLE is pretty much the same as Alex. They graduated together from the Vermont College of Fine Arts and like a lot of the same books. Sara is always ready to rant about social justice and has a lot of opinions about craft. She’s on all the social media so follow her on Twitter (@saringle), Instagram (@saringle), and SnapChat (saringle). It’s all pictures of books and pets.

When she’s fighting dementors, her patronus takes the shape of an aloof black cat (who also loves you and demands attention).



M.G. KNIGHT is a writer, college instructor, and recent graduate of Vermont College of Fine Arts. Finding secret passageways and entering places that probably should be left to their own devices is becoming a custom whenever she gets together with her previous classmates. Megan has similar tastes in books as Alex and Sara, and she loves a good villain.

When she’s fighting dementors — something that typically involves much biting, growling, and shredding — her patronus takes the shape of a very fuzzy wolf pup.


*That’s the goal.